Directorship Information

World's Miss Tourism Pageant is a family.  We work together to promote, encourage and mentor all of our contestants so they have a successful year.  We encourage our contestants to show their unique talents, their event planning skills, their public speaking skills and their love of service with the whole world.   Our directors are an integral component in fulfilling the World's Miss Tourism Vision 


If you are interested in becoming a state/region or country director please take a minute to fill in the contact form today.  We have created a culture for success for our directors and feel we have in place a program for everyone to fulfill their dreams to be a successful mentor, leader, and business owner.


If you are ready to join the World's Miss Tourism Pageant as a business owner, mentor and lead your Region, State or Nation Let's get started.  Being a director is more than running a pageant it is a commitment to your royalty, and to your communities. Show the world what you can do and imagine the possibilities. Prior experience is not required, please include any past pageant directing experience if applicable, what state/region or country you would be interested in, and lastly, why do you want to be a part of  World's Miss Tourism Pageants.